Source code for pymcprotocol.type4e

"""This file implements mcprotocol 4E type communication.
from . import mcprotocolconst as const
from .type3e import Type3E

[docs]class Type4E(Type3E): """mcprotocol 4E communication class. Type 4e is almost same to Type 3E. Difference is only subheader. So, Changed self.subhear and self._make_senddata() Arributes: subheader(int): Subheader for mc protocol subheaderserial(int): Subheader serial for mc protocol to identify client """ subheader = 0x5400 subheaderserial = 0X0000
[docs] def set_subheaderserial(self, subheaderserial): """Change subheader serial Args: subheaderserial(int): Subheader serial to change """ if(0 <= subheaderserial <= 65535): self.subheaderserial = subheaderserial else: raise ValueError("subheaderserial must be 0 <= subheaderserial <= 65535") return None
def _get_answerdata_index(self): """Get answer data index from return data byte. 4e type's data index is defferent from 3e type's. """ if self.commtype == const.COMMTYPE_BINARY: return 15 else: return 30 def _get_answerstatus_index(self): """Get command status index from return data byte. """ if self.commtype == const.COMMTYPE_BINARY: return 13 else: return 26 def _make_senddata(self, requestdata): """Makes send mc protorocl data. Args: requestdata(bytes): mc protocol request data. data must be converted according to self.commtype Returns: mc_data(bytes): send mc protorocl data """ mc_data = bytes() # subheader is big endian if self.commtype == const.COMMTYPE_BINARY: mc_data += self.subheader.to_bytes(2, "big") else: mc_data += format(self.subheader, "x").ljust(4, "0").upper().encode() mc_data += self._encode_value(self.subheaderserial, "short") mc_data += self._encode_value(0, "short") mc_data += self._encode_value(, "byte") mc_data += self._encode_value(self.pc, "byte") mc_data += self._encode_value(self.dest_moduleio, "short") mc_data += self._encode_value(self.dest_modulesta, "byte") #add self.timer size mc_data += self._encode_value(self._wordsize + len(requestdata), "short") mc_data += self._encode_value(self.timer, "short") mc_data += requestdata return mc_data