Source code for pymcprotocol.mcprotocolerror

"""This file is collection of mcprotocol error.


[docs]class MCProtocolError(Exception): """devicecode error. Device is not exsist. Attributes: plctype(str): PLC type. "Q", "L" or "iQ" devicename(str): devicename. (ex: "Q", "P", both of them does not support mcprotocol.) """
[docs] def __init__(self, errorcode): self.errorcode = "0x" + format(errorcode, "x").rjust(4, "0").upper()
def __str__(self): return "mc protocol error: error code {}".format(self.errorcode)
[docs]class UnsupportedComandError(Exception): """This command is not supported by the module you connected. """
[docs] def __init__(self): pass
def __str__(self): return "This command is not supported by the module you connected." \ "If you connect with CPU module, please use E71 module."
[docs]def check_mcprotocol_error(status): """Check mc protocol command error. If errot exist(status != 0), raise Error. """ if status == 0: return None elif status == 0xC059: raise UnsupportedComandError else: raise MCProtocolError(status)